How to Find a Good Locksmith?

The profession of locksmith suffers from a bad reputation and it is a shame because if most of the work is done honestly, a handful of companies hurts all the others by practicing prohibitive behaviors.

So how do you know if the professional who is about to help you is honest?

Some locksmiths are part of a network approved by a manufacturer of locks that guarantees their reliability. They must therefore respect a rigorous, respectful and honest course of action.
Avoid those who flood your mailboxes with ads, also claiming to solve your problems of electricity, plumbing, shutters, etc …

See if they respect their commitments

A good locksmith must be able to give you an idea of ​​the cost of his intervention by phone for a simple operation and commit to a quote after a visit.
The announced response time must be respected.

From the beginning, you have little knowledge of locksmithing, and some stakeholders can benefit. A good professional must take the time to analyze the problem and look for the best solution, which is not necessarily the most expensive.

Ask questions: he must be able to give you clear explanations in an accessible language.
Know that if you slam your door leaving the keys inside, a good professional will know how to open it without any damage most of the time.

A good locksmith has reasonable rates

The total amount of the invoice must include travel costs, labor and material costs. A travel cost and a low hourly rate can mask significant margins on the equipment.
He must arrive at home with the necessary tools, and have all the most common spare parts in his vehicle.
If the repair is complex and requires the ordering of additional parts, he must be able to install a temporary closure system. If it is an emergency troubleshooting that must be followed by a more substantial intervention, take the time to have several quotes established.
Whatever the scale of the intervention, the locksmith must preserve the aesthetics of the place, using the appropriate tooling and putting in place the necessary caches.

He does not take advantage of you in difficult situations

The best time for scams is at night. As a preventive measure, contact a locksmith in your neighborhood now, in anticipation of times when you are more vulnerable.
In prevention, take the time to find a trusted locksmith and keep his number at hand. Also, be sure to maintain your lock regularly and as soon as it shows signs of weakness, do not hesitate to change your lock.